July 2nd, 2016

A New Way of Life


People do change. Every day we encounter a new experience; something that is enlightening is brought to light, even if as little as discovering a new coffee shop ten blocks from your office. This discovery may change the course of your life as you know it. It may find itself settled into your daily routine. New tastes, new people, new prices, new attitude, new you. You have sipped the holy grail of roasted coffee beans, and suddenly, you are not who you were even last month.

Oftentimes I find myself embarking a new disposition after reading an article in the Nostalgia column of Vogue magazine, or listening to Leandra Medine’s podcast “Monocycle.” It could be that I am far too young to understand myself, let alone the ways of life, but it surprises even myself how frequently things change, how frequently I change. I’ll read about Richard Alleman’s riveting career as a Vogue Travel Editor in the 70s, and imagine what it must have been like rising from a boy infatuated with National Geographic to working with mavericks like Beverly Johnson and Richard Avedon. Then I’ll listen to one of my biggest role models choke up during a podcast as she reveals her life’s deepest intimacies. And then I become inspired.

It’s so easy to become caught up in ambition. Sometimes I don’t want to settle my aspirations at a Grace Coddington level, I want to be where Anna Wintour sits. I get wrapped into (I dare say) a colluded mess of my own making. Trying to be someone and somewhere that I have not yet earned. Then something happens. I run into a simple line of writing or hear in the background of my morning routine someone revealing their true selves, and I am brought back down to Earth, reminded that we are all just human. I know we all think of Anna Wintour as this alien-like creature, this inhumane, God-sent leader to whom nothing compares – but in reality, at her core she is just like everyone else. I repeatedly forget that.

I forget, too, that the world is larger than myself. Things come crashing down everyday with something new: a political revolution, riotous uprisings, historic tragedies. I forget that my shortcomings are nothing to the heartbreak that is felt upon the world each day that terror breathes. And I become inspired.

I become inspired to not be jealous, to not be selfish, to not be discouraged by mundanity, to be uncomfortable, to re-evaluate myself and my decisions, because we are all just the same in a world that is upside down.

So I take the past and paste them into a thought. An endeavor to begin anew. Because people are always changing, the world is always spinning, and we are all relearning how to live amongst ourselves in this new world.


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