April 2nd, 2016

April 2: Collage Art


January kicked off with Mercury in retrograde. Just when New Year Resolutions were to begin many of us felt stuck and pushed off the “new me” journey for a later date.


Getting back on track was a slow and grueling process, and somehow it’s already April. With spring blooms and sunshine, this is the perfect time to refresh. Thinking positively, taking risks, and making time for fun are my April resolutions.


Having a creative outlet helps me stay optimistic, hopeful, and looking forward. I frequently will take time to sit and write in a journal to get my thoughts, fears, and wishes out.  Purging any anxieties provides a sense of relief and brings me back down to earth.


Sometimes having a visual is more effective. Every month I flip through my magazines, ripping out images and words that I find most relatable and inspiring. Cutting and pasting them into a collage not only symbolizes my mood, but also reminds me of the things I want to accomplish.


It’s crazy what simple things like writing a few sentences, or painting a simple picture can do for stress. Remember to take a deep breath, focus on goals, and persevere.

2 responses to “April 2: Collage Art”

  1. I like the abstract feel of the collage. Its great and I also practice visualization a lot. 🙂
    I can't believe we will have another retrograde in a few weeks. lol

    xo, Carla

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