April 23rd, 2016

April 23: Spring Favorites


April showers bring May flowers, it’s finally beginning to feel like spring in the city. New Yorkers are taking lunch breaks outside, students are skipping class to enjoy the fresh air, and even when it’s been raining for a week straight, faces are beaming with joy.
Being able to finally say (and believe) it’s spring brings abound all of this seasons favorites.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner: 
For me the warmer months are always about keeping my skin healthy and glowing; having oily skin makes summers daunting, and a pale complexion makes the sun-rays fearsome. I have been using the Vitamin E collection for over a year now (see last spring’s beauty favorites), but only recently have I been putting the toner to use. Since coming to the city my oily skin has become out of control.


I started using the Botanics Shine Away collection, but after cleansing I’m left with tight and dry skin. While moisturizer helps, this toner gives back needed hydration. Tight skin is never good. Being squeaky clean means that your skin’s pH balance is off, and the best way to fix it is using a toner. Not only does this toner clean off excess makeup, it makes my skin feel super soft and healthy.


Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Shine Away:
Yes, the Botanics Shine Away did dry me out some – but this clay mask does wonders. Very watery, I quickly drip the mask on my t-zone. After it dries and I wipe off the dusty residue, I am left with clean pores and clear/shrunken blemishes. Of course, after use I apply the Vitamin E toner and am ready for the rest of my morning/night routine.


Pogo Water Bottle: 
My number one beauty secret is water. I make it a point to finish two of these 32 oz. water bottles. I love that this one has the measurements. It helps me gauge how much I have drank already, and kind of acts as a motivation. The more water you drink the more hydrated you are. Drinking water is key to cleansing the body and maintaining clear skin.


TopShop Leather Pointed-Toe Booties:
Not necessarily a beauty product, but definitely a spring favorite. In New York City, spring basically means bring out the walking shoes. When the sun is shining you’ll only want to walk, no matter the distance. The issue then becomes comfort. So many of my sandals and shoes have scarred my feet. But I was in the market for new booties and I love the revived pointed-toe trend. 100% leather, these babies were the answer. I was nervous about the comfort, but quickly these became my go-to; I can wear them all day and walk anywhere without any pain. Whoever said being beautiful is painful had not found these.


DIY Black Denim Choker:
In honor of Earth Day and spring trends, this refashioned choker was a must-have on this list. Recently I took a pair of scissors to a pair of jeggings. While intending to fringe the ends I decided to keep the bottom seams and sewed the left and right legs to make a necklace. It was quite simple and now makes so many of my outfits more interesting. I often will tie the ends in the back, but it’s always fun to have the ribbon-like ends dangle like a tie or scarf.

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