August 20th, 2016

Dressing Your Mood

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Time and time again fashionistas will tell you that fashion is an art, a form of expression. From the color of your blouse to the cut of the neckline, the way you wear the bottom of your jeans and the heel of your shoe, reflect the way you’re feeling and the image you want to portray.

Stereotypes will say New Yorkers only wear black. Black is simple, forever sophisticated, and undeniably flattering, it is no wonder why fashion’s capital is covered in such a color. But there’s something exciting about a pop of color.

The color you wear is much like a mood ring. This outfit I chose to wear yellow. Yellow reflects how I was feeling – joyful, excited, and ready to have a great day. Of course, the black frayed ankle jeans and black suede sandals were no contribution to the display of positivity but they do add that element of sophistication that only heightens the effect of the yellow blouse.

Lately runways are clad in color and design. We see more embroidery, bold colors, and mixes of the color wheel New Yorkers only keep in the deepest pockets of their closets. We see an uprising of eye-catching valiance in today’s fashion where people are (once again) no longer afraid of animal prints, bright colors are the new accessory, and patterns are no longer tacky.

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While the world is currently spinning with no dizzying end in sight, there is a change in society. Where segregation, prejudice, and discrimination once held; where economic turmoil and a world-wide spread of despair harbored, there is a new light. Believe it or not progress is being made. Poverty is declining as the economy grows. Women around the globe are gaining opportunity with education and human rights. Epidemics are dwindling, and terrorism (again, believe it or not) is shrinking.

Fashion reflects a tone. Runways reflect society. Diversity in the models, the boldness of designs, and the rise in creativity are telling our story. No longer are we afraid, no longer are we hiding. We are accepting each other, we are embracing our cultures, and we are fighting for a world of happiness and peace.

The world is changing, and so is fashion. Embracing new things (like ruffled yellow tops!) are only the beginning. And after a stale F/W 2016 show last February, I have high hopes and excitement for what September has to say about us now.

10 responses to “Dressing Your Mood”

  1. mashupmom says:

    Love the yellow shirt! It’s so pretty on you.

  2. Yes!! Love this! I am totally obssessed with colour therapy which is a big part of chakra balancing! xo

  3. Kemi says:

    This is so true!! I have always loved my bold colours. It is like the rest of the world is now getting with the program lol!! Life is too short to wear boring clothes and shoes!

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