February 15th, 2016

February 11: Front Row @ NYFW



Along the Hudson River, on a cold Thursday evening, my NYFW began. The A Détacher Fall 2016 RTW show was like being thrown to the wolves for a rookie like myself. I sat alone unsure of how to act (or where to put my coat). The people were great. The location was fabulous. The music playing in the background before the show was actually a self-help talk.  I really didn’t know what to think of that, I thought it was a normal thing, like the random music that plays before the concert starts.

The lights dimmed and the show began. We all know there’s an element of fantasy and innovation on the runway, but I was not prepared. No, I did not do my homework. I knew of A Détacher, but until an hour before the show I wasn’t even sure if I was going to attend, thus I really had no idea what to expect or what kind of style designer Mona Kowalska has.




It was titled “SelfManagement” with the program detailing anecdotes of clever self-help techniques next to the models’ names.  It was gorgeous – in it’s own way. Some of the time I was mesmerized, some of the time I was just confounded. Chunky knits, ruffles, heavy layers, and touches of vibrant prints – it was my dream closet. Not to mention that the eclectic footwear, oversized western belts, and burlap headdress/woolen beanie combination were quite something else. The collection is a strange mix of classic chic meets western cowboy, but, nevertheless, I was impressed.


Looking back on past collections of A Détacher later, it all made sense. Modern and yet very much the same, this Fall 2016 was comforting.


Friday night had brought me front row to the Demoo Parkchoonmoo show. Not as well known, this brand had captivated me from the front lobby. The gorgeous white walls and tiles of the Skylight Clarkson Square made me feel immediately elegant.




The crowds this time were larger, filled with people of all shapes and sizes from around the globe. The lights dimmed and out came beautiful models draped in magic. Honestly, just fabulous. The hair and makeup were flawless, natural and poised. The atmosphere: light and cheery. Demi Park created elegance mixing luxurious fabrics together: mink, cashmere, alpaca, and shearling coats, fox fur accessories, silk embroideries and plush wools, metallic knit sweaters and chunky kitten heels – need I say more?


If past collections haven’t already been in the whispers of fashion big leagues, this collection just might.



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