June 28th, 2015

Fresh Face Summer Skin Care Routine

Taking care of my skin has become a full-time job. From facial wash to moisturizer to makeup – I am always on the look out for something to enhance my natural beauty.




Summer months means bright sun-rays and humidity; to beat the forces of nature and maintain (close enough to) flawless skin there are a few products I love to use.

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Collection
With the change of seasons this past spring, my face decided to take a 180 and go from oily to very dry. For about two weeks I struggled trying to find products that would bring me back to normal. Luckily The Body Shop has a tone of great products and a lot of them in nice package deals. I got the Vitamin E collection to add some nutrition and hydration.


Gentle Facial Wash: This facial wash is truly so gentle. I’m used to using harsh exfoliates because I can feel them working and really it just brings me peace of mind. After my dry skin scare, however, this has been a god send. You may not feel it working, but trust me when you touch your baby-soft face and notice the lack of blemishes you won’t underestimate Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash again.


Hydrating Toner: This product helps tone the skin, as well as remove any excess makeup. It’s a water-like consistency and smells nice. I don’t really have issues with uneven skin tones but I do find it useful in taking off extra makeup after my shower.


Moisture Cream: Finding the right moisturizer is a challenge for everyone, and it does not help when there’s about a million to choose from. Trial and error is key in these situations. For me I’ve been using this moisture cream and I find it very rewarding. My skin is soft and smooth – no excess oil or any dryness. I make sure to use it every morning before I put on my foundation or BB Cream and I’m good to go for the day.


The Body Shop: Aloe Eye Defense
When my face got really dry, my eyes become even more sensitive than they already are. Not only did I have to become more conscious of what makeup I use, I had to start using eye cream. And let me tell you, this does wonders. I wish I had a before and after picture, but the aloe eye cream took my little eyelids from dry, red, swollen, and very sore back to being beautifully smooth and porcelain. I use this stuff religiously – probably out of fear.


Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads
Like I mentioned before, I like when I can feel the burn. Honestly, this doesn’t burn but I find it really helpful in clearing up my skin. I like to use it every morning and every night. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it’s really good at shrinking those summer sweat pimples ASAP.


Coppertone Clearly Sheer Faces SPF30
I’m pale, like really pale. When I go outside I get a nice burn especially on my face, and part of that reason is because I hate putting oily, shiny sunscreen on my face. This sunscreen is made specifically for faces: it’s not too oily and is absorbed quickly, it doesn’t  cause any problems with a light BB Cream, and it protects your face so well against the sun. I’m so serious about putting this on anytime I know I’m going to be out in the sun for more than a half hour – no sun damage for me!


The thing to remember in the summer when it comes to your face is protection and hydration. The sun will drain you of moisture and can cause some serious damage to your skin cells. Making sure you take the most precautionary steps when preparing for your summer vacay will ensure that even years down the road your skin is still glowing and healthy.

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