May 28th, 2016

May 28: Spring Favorites 2



Lately I’ve been really into the natural look. Over the past six months I have gone on a bit of a makeup detox where I ditched foundation and face products, only using eye (and sometimes eyebrow makeup). I’ve also gotten more conscious of the ingredients in my daily products.
While I’ll stick to my guns with natural facial cleansing/moisturizing products, sometimes a girl just wants to get done up – cue the foundation and liquid liners. Here are a few products that I may not wear daily, but will always bring out for special occasions.


MUN No. 7 Ayour Body Toning Serum
Finding the perfect organic, natural skincare products is tough. Yet, MUN Skincare has a great three step line that consists of a Youth Serum, Rose Toner, and this Toning Serum. All of the products are formulated with only natural ingredients. It’s best to use all three in your daily routine, but, unfortunately, I only have the Toning Serum.


This serum acts as a moisturizer. I typically just use it on my face, but you’re able to put it anywhere that needs a bit of TLC. It’s oil based, and though I have normal to oily skin it does not set off any balances. It hydrates, evens skin tone, smooths out any lines, and leaves me refreshed. And I typically only need a max of two small pumps to cover my entire face. By the end of the day my face is still super silky smooth.


Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation
I love this foundation for a complete glam look. I am lucky to have a more even skin tone, and few blemishes so I steer clear of full coverage. What I like about this is that it’s more light-weight, and it’s hydrating without leaving shine. It is buildable, so I use a damp beauty blender to keep it lighter. It lasts all day, and gives a natural finish – perfect for those events when you know there will be a lot of commotion and flashing cameras. It’s also pretty good at staying on even when it’s hot outside, definitely a summer go-to.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: Trooper
Absolutely the best liquid liner I have used thus far. I love the clean, dark lines of a liquid pen and this just never fails me. When I use liner I’m typically going for a thin cat-eye. I’m a perfectionist, so the fact that this pen glides on with a sleek thin(ner) line is amazing. What’s even better is that it lasts all day, even when I tear up or accidentally rub my eye. Amazing product. The only thing is that I will put it on after eyeshadow and if I have a lot of shadow on it can dry out the pen for a moment.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Fragrance
I am one of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s biggest fans. When they released the fragrance line for Elizabeth and Jame I was eyeing up every perfume stand. I often buy the smaller roller ball perfumes because I tend to switch up my scent on a day-to-day basis, so the little ones last me ages.


Before this, my favorite scent was ChloĆ©. I love a fresh, floral scent, so when my ChloĆ© tragically broke on my move to New York, Nirvana came to the rescue. It’s delicate but has a bit of an edge to it – which I love. Just a few touches to the wrist and neck and I’m set to have a great day.


CHANEL No. 5 Fragrance
I save my CHANEL No. 5 for special occasions. It’s definitely got a stronger scent, but one that’s smooth and feminine. CHANEL is one of my favorite luxury brands so I think just having the iconic No. 5 parfum makes me feel special! I don’t wear this daily as it’s just too much for running errands or lounging about, but when I do it’s makes me feel like a million bucks.

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  1. Chanel No. 5 is a classic! I love the idea of a hydrating foundation. Nice!

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