May 8th, 2016

May 7: Collage Art 2


“I am a child on the river and love awaits downstream
 A waterfall to steal my breath and Change My Mind” 
– Anohni


Trials and Tribulations: a test of patience and endurance. Lately, life has become a rollercoaster ride. Worries of the future, worries of consequence and decisions, it’s a never-ending cycle. It hurts and it’s tedious. It keeps you up at night, and it breaks you down. It pushes you to think deeply: about yourself, about you really want.


Anohni’s poem captures the power of love, optimism, and positivity. Life is a river, we all float on. Slow and dull, we are refreshed by the power of love. The kind of love that changes your mind, that awakens a new source of life.


So I guess what I’m really saying here is that there is hurt and there is temptation. But when it’s all over, you find a new appreciation, a new love – and you begin again.

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