August 13th, 2016

Nothing is Never Enough


There is a power within that is greater than anything else. The answers we seek are not hidden. We often spend time relentlessly searching for strength, for courage, for hope; we cry-out for something to to move us forward, waiting stagnantly for this other force to push us along. But the power is within.

Doing nothing is never enough. We whisper to ourselves our hopes and dreams, but where do they go? We shout to ourselves discouragement, thoughts we have unconsciously cultivated to bring us down. Is that really reality or is that foolishness?

We are easily susceptible to the influences of “failure.” What is failure? What is negativity? Why do we let it in? Each mistake is a lesson. Every fault is a blessing. There is a light at the end of every tunnel; with every failure there is an achievement awaiting. So as we walk along our daily lives, feeling totally alone, or worthless, or just stuck we are holding ourselves back. We are doing nothing. And that nothing will never be enough.

True love, success, fulfillment: these are things that begin with the love rooted in your own self. There will never be enough love from another person, enough money, enough of anything to sustain a lifetime of happiness.

To learn to love yourself is to open up the world. When you believe in the power of yourself, the light will shine. Suddenly those negative thoughts are shunned. This positivity radiates, bringing aspirations to life. Those hopes and dreams that have been suppressed become reality. To love yourself, you’re allowing a lifetime of happiness that is enough – the kind of happiness that allows true love to be insurmountable, that allows money to be an added luxury, that makes life fulfilling.

When we find the light within, we begin to live in it.




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  1. Patty Campbell says:

    Rachel, I loved your post “Nothing is never enough.” I think you have missed your calling. Love, Nanny

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