September 3rd, 2016

My September Issue


September marks a time of change: summer transitions into autumn, students go back to school, New Yorkers return to the city, Fashion Week takes place, and pop-culture is booming.

While we celebrate change on New Year’s Eve, we ignite the effort in the fall. It’s as if resolutions aren’t taken seriously and reality hasn’t set until summer is over and the coldness of the air locks us in inside, dooming us all to productivity. In grade school back-to-school shopping was a big deal. This is the time of year that really matters. The persona we live the first day back is the person we are for that year. Just like going back to work after spending every weekend on the boat and vacationing in the tropics. We come back from this break of sunshine with fresh ambition, intention, and drive. It’s a new start.

We are fragile, ever changing, ever growing. As humans we are influenced by so much, as we become exposed to new things we birth new ideas – embarking new paths all the time. And this September is no different.

I’m back in the city with old and new faces. Though the air is still the same musty smog, the energy feels different. Spending the summer away has been both difficult and relieving; I have struggled to find inspiration but have grown in the stillness. Rejuvenated, I am back in the city that never sleeps making my dreams a reality once again.

I see my friends, my peers, and even my mentors in a new light: a mix of my own change, as well as their own. With a rediscovered motivation, I know I can be whomever, and I am reminded that everything and anything is possible. With little fear, more energy, and immense inspiration this September is yet another new beginning.


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