July 16th, 2016

Summer Beauty Dupes


What’s better than a golden glow? A subtle contour and a glowing highlight are the champions of this summer’s beauty trends. From powders to creams, contour and highlight palettes can sit high in price. After a bit of research (meaning, extensive binge watching of makeup tutorials and hauls on YouTube), I’ve picked up some drug-store pieces that could take the edge off the high prices without compromising the luxury of high-end products.

Physicians Formula: Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Beauty Balm BB Bronzer

I only recently started contouring and getting into bronzers. I had (and still do) have my eyes on a few higher-end palettes but didn’t want to break the bank before I was a pro. A full face of makeup was never something I spent much time on, but recently it’s been so hard to resist! Watching Tati on YouTube has inspired me. Trusting her recommendations I went and got a drug-store product she raves about.

This bronzer is a god-send. Physicians Formula has always been a favorite of mine, so I wasn’t surprised at how good this bronzer is – only that I hadn’t tried it sooner. My issue with bronzer is finding the right color. My pale complexion and complicated skin makes it difficult to find the perfect match. However, this product is the perfect blend of bronze. It’s silky, has a bit of shimmer, and adds the most beautiful and natural looking color. What’s also great is that it has SPF 20 in the formula. I’m so glad I picked it up!

Physicians Formula: Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-One Nude Palette for Face and Eyes

I’m not sure what I love more, the diverse colors or the multi-purpose functionality of this palette. Rows as highlighters, rows as blush, rows as bronzer, and all of it as eyeshadow – this is the holy grail of drug-store beauty. I have yet to use these as eye shadows, but the diverse colors and the shimmery tones no doubt will have me head-over-heels. I use the first two rows as a highlighter. Like bronzer, I’m not one to pack it on. I want something subtle but relatively noticeable. The whites, creams, and pinks of these rows combine to make the perfect highlight. It sparkles, adds a very small bit of color (which I like), and as soon as the light hits your face you’re lighting up the room. For my final step, I’ll take my Eco-Tools Kabuki and use that to swipe the entire palette and use that as an all-over setting powder/bronze. This palette is so pretty, and such a steal. Great to use when learning or just for something simple.

Wet n Wild: ColorIcon Ombré Blush (The Princess Daiquiries)

I’m so picky with blushers. I don’t like too much color, and I only go for a subtle pink. Again, YouTube beauty Gurus sent me in search for this blush. Going in looking for a matte, flat pink blush, I walked out with this peachy ombré. I was pleasantly surprised though. The ombré transitions from a bubblegum pink into a creamy orange, together they make a great peach. For a subtle, natural look this blush is perfect. It lasts, it shines, it gives very slight but build-able color.

Maybelline: Fit Me Concealer

I went into Ulta ready for the Urban Decay Naked concealer that everyone has been falling in love with. But something possessed me into buying this gem. Only buying one color, I’ve only been using it under the eye and on spots. Yet, it’s so nice that I might get a lighter color and try that for highlighting – stay tuned. The coverage is phenomenal. The formula is beautiful; it blends so easily into the skin, it doesn’t cake, and it matches my skin tone so incredibly well. I hate putting concealer on my spots because it tends to make it worse while also accentuating the dry skin around it, but the Fit Me concealer hides it perfectly without irritating the skin. I haven’t used concealer much recently until now.

Wet n Wild: Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

My sensitive eyes don’t like many shadow primers. I’ve been itching for a new primer and was set on the go-to Urban Decay primer, but I heard Tati recommend this as an alternative and thought to give it a try. The first impressions were awful. It came out thick and extremely stick. Clinging to my eyelashes, eyebrows, and latching to anything in the air that came into contact with it, I was ready to go straight back to the store. However, after letting it sit and giving it a good shake, I don’t entirely regret it. Putting it on now it just glides on as if that stick nonsense never happened. Most of my eyeshadows are very pigmented, and it shows on this primer. It also lasts all day. While I wouldn’t say to forget all about your favorite primer, if you’re looking to try a drug-store product this isn’t a bad option.

Real Techniques: Retractable Kabuki Brush

I have been wanting new brushes for ages. Now that I’m getting into the full-face look, I needed a separate brush for bronzer and blush. I love a good kabuki brush. They’re great to get a light coverage and blend so nicely. The fact this retracts is great for storage, too. I typically have been using this with blush and highlight as the slight angle gets the job done in just one swipe. Real Techniques is a great drug-store priced option for makeup brushes and I’m probably going to have to go back and get the rest of the set!

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